City Docks City Workers Told To Stay Home During Snow Day

When the city got pummeled with snow last week, Mayor Bloomberg ordered all non-emergency personnel to stay home and said that all noon-emergency city offices were closed.

“Because heavy snow fell in the City overnight, all non-emergency City government offices are closed for today, in addition to all public schools. New York City almost never takes a snow day, but today is one of those rare days,” the mayor said in a memo sent to all city employees. “People should stay at home and off the roads. There are extensive service delays on mass transit, including a suspension of all bus service, please check the MTA website at for the latest on mass transit service.”

Some city workers say that their colleagues even went into the office only to be sent home, and in subsequent days were told to hold off submitting their time sheets into the CityTime payroll system as the administration figured out how to process the snow days.

Now, city employees have been told that they in fact will be docked for days missed during the snowstorm.

According to a memo sent out by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, “Lateness occurring on Thursday, January 27, 2011, due to the storm, will not be charged against leave balances and will be excused.  Proof of transportation delay is not required. Employees absent due to the storm must charge annual leave or compensatory time balances…Employees who did not report to work and believe their absences should be excused may file an appeal.  DCAS is currently establishing a review process to assist agencies in making related determinations.”

The Times reported earlier today that teachers who stayed home that day were being docked a day’s pay, but now it appears as if the effort to recoup some of money lost during the storm to employee salaries is much more widespread.


City Docks City Workers Told To Stay Home During Snow Day