Connecticut Congressman Tweets His Disillusionment With Bieber

398px chris murphy official photo Connecticut Congressman Tweets His Disillusionment With BieberToday on Twitter, Congressman Chris Murphy (D-CT) declared that he was a proponent of Justin Bieber’s newly announced belief in the Canadian health care system, posting a link to a Huffington Post roundup of Bieber quotes and the hashtag “#mycaseofbieberfever.” Shortly thereafter, having read, perhaps, all of the controversial Rolling Stone excerpts, Murphy or an associate announced, “Oh wait…just heard what Biebs said about abortion. Ugh. #timetobequietagainjustin #bieberfevercured.”

Why is a Congressman–one running for Senator–consulting Justin Bieber for political insight? (Murphy’s few replies received on the subject ran the gamut from engaged to disdainful.) His one child, born in 2008, is not of Bieber-listening age. Maybe Murphy’s just a fan? [Update: his spokesperson tells us: "He does all his Tweets himself, he doesn't have any staff on it." Is Rep. Murphy a pop culture aficionado? "He is!"]

Certainly, Murphy’s 938 followers are now a bit better-informed about Bieber’s political leanings, proving all the more Vanessa Grigoriadis’s point about her interview with Bieber: “anyone who has as much sway in popular culture as Justin should be asked all questions.” Sway, indeed: from pop star to Congressional health-care advisor, the boy really can do it all! :: @DPD_


  1. Dwigginsian says:

    Celebrity influence in politics is real (see “the Governator”). Being aware of the political opinions espoused by cultural icons of another generation isn’t a crime, even if they are Canadian (:-D).