Conversations People Try to Have With Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a serious stalker, the kind that writes letters and follows the billionaire home.

“I thought Mark would be able to give me advice,” the man heartbreakingly told TMZ. Nope, Zuck indicated today, filing a restraining order.

But 31-year old Pradeep Manukonda is just one of many internetizens seeking advice, attention, a follow or a like from Mr. Zuckerberg. At some point the man who produced The Facebook joined Twitter with the misleading handle @finkd, which was soon discovered by the hive and is regularly inundated with replies even though the CEO has only tweeted 18 times, the most recent one in March 2009.

People on Twitter alternately love Zuck, hate Zuck, love Facebook, think Facebook changed their lives or complain their lives are ruined. Zuck also gets marriage proposals this way.

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