Don Draper’s Season Five? Fan Fiction Goes Mad!

108626619 Don Drapers Season Five? Fan Fiction Goes Mad!Mad Men is currently mired in contractual disputes between its network, AMC, and its production company, Lionsgate — only Matthew Weiner knows what’ll happen next! Some fans are rewatching their show DVDs, some are plotting blood feuds against the critic Daniel Mendelsohn, who called the show a faux-highbrow soap opera, and some are writing their own plotlines. “Fan fiction” is not a new phenomenon, but Mad Men‘s melodramatic nature (okay, we admit it, Mr. Mendelsohn!) gives fans plenty to work with when they’re creating fake plots: invented characters, romances, and hyper-emotional short scenes, all in another universe apart from the seasons-long context the series provides. Clicking through a fan fiction forum for the show kind of an alternate-world fifth season of Mad Men, one of constant moments of high dudgeon with no lulls in the action.

Here, the best fan fiction about the characters — but not the exact situations — of Mad Men. :: @DPD_