Elsewhere: The Weather is Too Damn Cold

Andrew Cuomo, the new Chris Christie.

The Black, Latino and Asian caucus coup (by Jumaane Williams) has been cancelled.

Thomas Golisano is still involved in local politics, and is currently bankrolling an effort to have the popular vote–and not the electoral college–decide who should be president.

Go ahead and guess what Jimmy McMillan thinks about the weather.

Mayor Bloomberg works blue at Groundhog Day.

Trump (again) and Pataki hint at potential 2012 White House runs

Hydrofracking opponents will not be ignored by Cuomo.

Sheldon Silver is having a fundraising brunch for his “chai” (read: 18th) year as Speaker. Does this mean guests should donate money in multiples of 18, as is sometimes done with Jewish charities and special occasions?

Labor union membership is at a 15 year low in New York and New Jersey. 

Bloomberg hoisted the Terrible Towel– the Steelers’ victory flag- onto the side of the New York Public Library’s main branch after losing out on a bet on the Jets-Steelers game.

Rep. Chris Gibson is backpedaling on Medicare.

Charles Barron might have been arrested during a school closure protest on Monday, but he still made it out to speak at the Walmart Free NYC rally this morning.

Cuomo does plan to address the issue of pension reform, after all.

Carolyn Maloney isn’t impressed with the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, even after Republicans backed down their efforts to redefine rape.

Between shutting down fraudulent immigrant services companies and filing lawsuits against online tobacco retailers, Eric Schneiderman‘s had a busy day.

The Daily claims Gabrielle Giffords’ iPad is helping her speech therapy.

Tough budgetary times could lead to another look at legalizing Mixed Martial Arts and wine in grocery stores.

Andrew Cuomo: “The interests in Albany don’t want to make the change. There are a lot of lobbyists up there who get paid a lot of money to protect these special interests.

And Cuomo said there was “receptivity” on his part to LIFO talks.

Brooklyn Assemblyman William Colton proposed a tax amnesty plan.

State Democrats are going grassroots on Cuomo’s budget plan.


Elsewhere: The Weather is Too Damn Cold