Elsewhere: Transforming Cuts of This Magnitude into Gold

Andrew Cuomo presents the budget, in photos.

The City of New York is slated to receive nothing in Aid to Municipalities from the state.

The New York Lung Association, at least is happy with Gov. Cuomo’s budget.

Daniel Sisto, of the Healthcare Association of New York State: “The Medicaid Team does not need more health experts. It will require alchemists, not policy wonks or providers, to transform cuts of this magnitude into gold.”

Shelly Silver points out that New Yorkers are as frustrated with the executive branch as they are legislative one.

Bloomberg is not happy with New York City’s share of the cuts.

DiNapoli is.

Arizona’s attorney general thinks Bloomberg should mind his own business.

Cuomo will be at a reservations-only event in Westchester on Thursday night.

Mitch McConnell is picking up where his House colleagues left off with health care repeal.

Bloomberg reiterated his support for changing teacher layoff rules.

It all comes down to tonight for some struggling New York schools.

Peter King helped a Long Island girl stranded in Egypt get home.

Tonight should be easy commute home. Tomorrow morning’s should not be.

School workers told to stay home during last month’s snow day are finding that they are being docked a day.

A pro-Palestinian Brooklyn College professor was re-hired, over the loud objections of Dov Hikind.

Bob Megna breaks it down.

How much does snow hurt the economy?

Peter Colavito is the new political director at SEIU

Elsewhere: Transforming Cuts of This Magnitude into Gold