The Daily Details: Cocktails, Staffers, Launch

A quick round-up of the latest on The Daily, the News Corp. iPad newspaper:

The Daily launches tomorrow with a a press event at the Guggenheim Museum, hosted by Rupert Murdoch and Eddy Cue, Apple’s iTunes and App Store guru, standing in for Steve Jobs, who is taking a leave of absence.

“But a select crowd will get to see the iPad newspaper tonight, at an equally notable Manhattan location: Rupert Murdoch’s apartment, where the News Corp. CEO is hosting a ‘low key’ cocktail party,” reports All Things D’s Peter Kafka. Kafka is quick to point out that, though he works for a Murdoch-owned site, he was not invited to cocktails and has yet to see The Daily.

Poynter compiled a list of The Daily‘s staffers and where they came from. How many of them had Foster Kamer already outed? Many! There weren’t any big surprises, anyway.

Lastly, Apple tightened its control of the App Store, rejecting the Sony Reader Store, an iPhone app for buying Sony e-books. Looks like they’ve figured out what a powerful gatekeeper a great piece of technology can be. This should be fuel in the fire of anyone worried about the exclusivity of Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs’ content-device partnership in The Daily. :: @kstoeffel


The Daily Details: Cocktails, Staffers, Launch