The New Yorker Stoops to the Web For a Scoop

On Sunday The New Yorker published a 6,000-word article about corruption in Afghanistan’s Kabul Bank…on its blog.

Why would one of print’s stalwarts publish all that juicy content on the Web? According to WWD’s Memo Pad, the piece, by new staff writer Dexter Filkins, was coming up against a similar story at his former place of employ, The New York Times.

“I’m sure our reporters knew Dex was talking to the same sources,” Times executive editor Bill Keller told Memo Pad in an e-mail. “I assume that made them not want to dawdle. But we did not know when the NYer piece was due to run.”

New Yorker editors David Remnick and Daniel Zalewski and some fact checkers were brought in on Sunday night to rush the piece through production. It will still appear in print next week, according to Media Memo.

“Presumably they saw it when we posted it on the Web site,” Keller said of the Times‘ version of the story, which went up at 9:14 p.m. Sunday. :: @kstoeffel


The New Yorker Stoops to the Web For a Scoop