The Post Dubs Tea New York’s ‘Hot New Drink’

Have you tried the new brewed sensation that’s taking New York by storm? It’s called tea, and today The Post revealed this new trend to our cold and caffeine-deprived metropolis. But what is this odd and fragrant coffee alternative? What does it taste like? Why should we drink it? We’ve got three great reasons right here.

  • Lady Gaga “regularly totes a teacup like it’s a Birkin bag.” Who doesn’t need new accessories!
  • Zuckerberg-enabler Sean Parker drinks it. Coffee? That’s not cool. You know what’s cool? Tea.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t drink it, but a hedge-funder with a “scruffy, Jake Gyllenhaal-esque beard” does. Same thing, right!

The article hinges on a quote that, lucky for The Post, casts aside the entire history of tea in the Western world. Socialite and author Jamee Gregory seems to believe he is the first person to ever drink the stuff.

“It seems like suddenly there’s something in the air about it,” says Gregory of New York’s storm in a teacup. “Maybe because it’s cold, or maybe because of this economy, people think [that] instead of throwing a fancy lunch or cocktail reception, they’ll throw a tea. I’m seeing it happen more and more this past year.”

We can’t wait to try it. If you’re “throwing a tea,” send the invite our way.

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The Post Dubs Tea New York’s ‘Hot New Drink’