‘Glee’ Star Jane Lynch to Publish a Memoir

The New York Times announces that Jane Lynch is set to write a memoir, entitled Happy Accidents. The book, due in spring, will, of course, cover her current awards-magnet work on Glee, as well as her struggle with alcoholism and accepting her homosexuality. Thankfully, it will also discuss her early roles in Christopher Guest’s films. Perhaps it’ll inspire young fans to seek out Best in Show! Lynch’s book will be published by Hyperion Books’s Voice, an “imprint of books for women at the center of life.” So maybe it won’t appeal to, or be marketed to, those young fans at all.

It’ll be a busy spring at the bookstore for TV’s female stars, with Tina Fey’s Bossypants dropping in April. Fey’s personal essays will be markedly different from Lynch’s memoir, surely, but one wonders whether the TV-star book (a requisite duty in the days of Bill Cosby and Paul Reiser) is back in vogue. Credit, or blame, may be due to TV’s current top essayist, Chelsea Handler, whose sales Lynch and Fey can only hope to match.

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