Good Morning, Harry Potter!

Harry Potter, you’ve had a long and storied career as the star of several hit books and films and today it was announced that you’ll be celebrated for your work in that second category at this year’s BAFTAs. Mazel tov!

Granted, it’s somewhat expected that the British Academy would celebrate you – the series has taken in some $6.3 billion over the years. It’s not quite Four Weddings, but it’ll do for a British film series.

It’s a bittersweet celebration, since the Harry Potter movies are coming to an end. What on Earth could replace them as a reliable blockbuster film series? Perhaps you could mine your prestigious television background. We’d see a Doctor Who blockbuster. Or even a Top Gear blockbuster. What about Gordon Ramsay as a down-on-his luck criminal pulled back into the game for one last job involving tilapia theft?

Call us, we have more ideas.


The Observer

Good Morning, Harry Potter!