Google's Android for Tablets Will Be Cybernetic Jazz

Apple’s iPad currently dominates the global tablet market. 

But Google is about to introduce Honeycomb, a version of its Android OS built specifically for tablets. 

Many analysts expect that Android tablets will quickly come to dominate the market, much as they did in the smartphone sector. 

All Thing’s Digital’s Ina Fried sat down with Matias Durate, the lead designer on Honeycomb, who quickly showed Eric Schmidt isn’t the only Googler prone to saying wild things about the future of technology. 

“What I am looking for is that sense that you get when Jazz musicians improvise together,” he said. “The computer should be doing things in concert with you, in support with you not acting like a servant waiting for commands and then returning with results,” Duarte said. People always think of cybernetics with computers as being this thing that happens far in the future and you have Star Trek, Borg-like scary things,” Duarte said. “But the way computers are used today through social networking ,through e-mail, through accessing information like Google–They are already becoming (those) cybernetic parts of our mind.”

To sum up: Google tablets will be like jazzy mind servants who anticipate our every whim. Watch your back, Apple. 

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Google's Android for Tablets Will Be Cybernetic Jazz