It was Hipster Heaven at Rag and Bone

The Rag and Bone show was so oversubscribed that the organizers needed a separate room for the overflow.  The people seated in the wallflower room had the forlorn air of a bunch of teenagers who hadn’t been asked to the prom so, instead of taking our seat in there, we opted to stand and watch the action in the main space. It was packed to the gills with hipster girls sporting effortlessly cool bohemian looks that must have taken a couple of hours to throw together and bearded, suspender-wearing boys channeling the late artist Dash Snow.  The A-Listers were all there to support fashion’s “Brit” boys: Vanessa Friedman from the Financial Times, T’s Sally Singer, Barney’s new fashion director Amanda Brooks and the ubiquitous Derek Blasberg were all holding court.  Mad Men’s Jon Hamm was there but he went largely unnoticed amid the posturing. The clothes were vibrantly colourful, a mixture of tartans, Blade Runner-like leggings and Teddy Boy-inspired frock coats. In the words of one Vogue editor, “there was a lot going on.”