Today Has No Plans to Increase Security Post-Breach

This morning’s Today saw a startling breach of the Rockefeller Plaza security separating hosts from audience–Gawker has audio of the incident, which took place off-camera. A man crossed over the audience barricade and announced he was, reportedly, “God’s gift to music!” (The hosts Meredith Vieira, Al Roker, and Willie Geist were unharmed, though Vieira in particular sounded ruffled, shouting “Jesus!”) While the New York Police Department is on hand at daily tapings of Today, an NBC representative indicated the show has no intention of beefing up security. “We have great show security as well as NYPD in place every morning. Today’s quick response was an example of their diligent work.” The social contract for attending outdoor televised events, too, remains in place–don’t speak to Roker until spoken to! :: @DPD_