Vogue to Suffer Youthquake With Teenybopper Triumvirate

Vogue‘s models just keep getting younger! Kick-Ass and Let Me In actress Chloe Grace Moretz announced on Twitter that she was to shoot with Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld for the venerable fashion title–though Moretz, at 14, barely qualifies for Teen Vogue. (Somewhere‘s Fanning and True Grit‘s Steinfeld, also the dual subjects of a Vanity Fair shoot in that glossy’s most recent issue, are 12 and 14, respectively.)

Announcing one’s own appearance in Vogue on Twitter seems to be a de rigeur part of the editorial process for younger stars–Rihanna leaked news of her Annie Leibovitz shoot for a still-rumored upcoming cover. The photos are to be taken by Bruce Weber, indicates Moretz. Have the likes of Carey Mulligan, at 25, already aged out of Vogue musedom?

ddaddario@observer.com :: @DPD_