Jason Calicanis Calls For End To Content Farm Arms Race

jason calacanis Jason Calicanis Calls For End To Content Farm Arms Race“We have to look in the mirror and ask, ‘Is this what we want create for our users?’ We are polluting the internet.”

So says Jason Calicanis, former the scribe of Silicon Alley, who now runs one of the web’s biggest content farms, Mahalo.

In a great report from Danny Sulivan at Search Engine Land, we learn that Calicanis is worried that the rapid expansion of content farming has angered Google, and that once the search engine cracks down, the entire industry will suffer. 

“The one rule of working with Google is don’t make them look stupid. If you make ‘The Google’ look stupid, they’ll fuck you up.”

Calicanis says updates to his site with original video and improvements in quality quality are causing his costs to skyrocket, “But I can sleep at night again.”

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