Jenna Wortham Asks Readers For Help With Her Information Overload

Jenna Wortham issued a cry for help on the Bits blog today. “I’m an information, or digital, hoarder,” she writes. “And it’s starting to ruin my life.” 

The 24,000 unread emails across Ms. Wortham’s seven accounts mean that she is starting to miss “Important emails about family health matters, queries from editors and pings from sources.”

Like all good journalists of the online age, Ms. Wortham knows her greatest resource is her readership. “I’ve tried a few different tactics with little success, including tags and labels in Gmail, priority inboxing software and archiving on a semi-regular basis. But frankly, I’m drowning in it. This is where you come in, readers, because I need all the help I can get.”

With 368,039 Twitter followers, she’s got quite a support network to fall back on. Hopefully they will keep their advice in the comments–and out of her inbox.

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