Kean responds to Dems’ veto override intentions

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr., (R-21),  of Union took aim Monday at the Democrats’ upcoming attempt to override gubernatorial vetoes.

Kean said that Democrats’ failure to post remaining the toolkit legislation for a vote Thursday puts election year politics ahead of New Jersey property taxpayers.

“Rather than vote on ways to help property taxpayers, Democrats have chosen to use the Senate’s time to pick an election year fight with the Governor,” Kean said.

The Senate and Assembly announced earlier Monday they had scheduled sessions for Thursday to attempt overrides of Gov. Chris Christie’s earlier vetoes of jobs-related bills.

 “The Legislature’s calendar has been hijacked for political theater instead of taking on the significant challenges facing our state,” Kean said in a release.

Kean pointed to the governor’s conditional veto of civil service reform legislation (A3590) and caps on unused sick leave (S2220), and legislation easing workforce consolidation rules to help municipalities share services (S2024), as legislation that could be posted for an immediate vote.

“Municipal and county governments need these tools now in order to meet the 2 percent cap,” Kean said.

Kean responds to Dems’ veto override intentions