Kenneth Cole Bad Reaction! Fashion Brand Tweets Egypt Joke in Very Poor Taste

The upheaval, violence and riots in Egypt are immensely troubling. Even Anderson Cooper is getting beat up, poor guy. The mobs and looting and political turmoil are such that they can be totally disorienting. What is it really about? Why do people protest? Why is this happening, right now, in that country?

It certainly has nothing to do with a fashion line’s new spring collection. That didn’t stop the Kenneth Cole Twitter account from sending out a joke in that vein to its 8,000 followers. Naturally, all these angry Egyptians just want some new loafers and wingtips!

We were planning on borrowing the screen shot from the Ad Age story, but we don’t have to! Shockingly, the company hasn’t taken this thing down yet.


Who’s responsible for this faux pas? Well, if those initials at the end are to be taken literally, it came straight from the BlackBerry of Kenneth Cole himself. A subsequent tweet indicated that the company wasn’t “intending to make light of a serious situation,” but there’s no apology yet. Will there be one? Probably not, and that doesn’t really matter. Fixing a little joke about Egypt isn’t going to fix the scenario over there.

People should probably just forget about this and move on to what’s really important — Fashion Week is just days away! Now that’s something to riot over.

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