Kim Kardashian Won’t Dance With Prince [Watch]

“Businesswoman” Kim Kardashian dropped by Prince’s closing show of his stand at Madison Square Garden last night, and was pulled onstage by Prince himself. This had a whiff of the pre-planned–Kardashian was escorted onstage, and had broadcast that she’d be attending the concert on her Twitter account. What wasn’t planned was her utter stiffness; Kardashian, who came in eleventh place during her 2008 Dancing With the Stars stint, chose not to even attempt a dance this time. After a few awkward moments of giggling, during which neither seemed sure why the other was there, Prince kicked Kardashian off the stage, to what sounded to be loud cheers.

Kim, we knew Apollonia. Apollonia was a friend of ours. And you… well, the gap between your apparent interests and the events you show up for could use some work. Kardashian later tweeted a photo of an apparent “round 2” onstage–she was invited onstage, perhaps, with publicist Jonathan Cheban, and the two pose for a picture while people dance around them. If she’s to have a music career, Kardashian will need to loosen up–otherwise, kudos to her for knowing what she’s good at.

Skip to the 1:00 mark to see Prince and Kardashian making beautiful music together (via the Village Voice‘s Sound of the City blog): :: @DPD_