Koch on Schumer: ‘Dead Wrong’

When it comes to redistricting, Ed Koch doesn’t agree with Chuck Schumer.

Chuck Schumer’s view is it should be partisan and redrawn to protect parties. He’s dead wrong,” Koch told me an interview this afternoon. “He says they would lose three [congressional] seats. I say redistricting is not intended to ensure the outcome of an election, but a fair election.” The former mayor said Schumer’s position on this issue is simply “not good government.”

Koch–never one for moderated verbiage–has emerged as the loudest proponent for the non-partisan redistricting cause. The former New York City mayor will be meeting with legislative leaders tomorrow in Albany in order to hold them, and their members, to the campaign-season pledge they made to support non-partisan redistricting. Despite some equivocation from Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos, and steadfast weariness from Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Koch is optimistic.

“I think we’re on the cusp of victory,” he said. He said 54 of 62 State Senators agreed to support the cause, as did 84 of 150 Assembly members. “I’m going to assume everyone is an honorable person and will keep their pledge,” said Koch.