LCD Soundsystem To Hold 2011 Black and White Ball for Final Show

Get your credit cards, and your Kleenex, out: LCD Soundsystem has announced an epic Madison Square Garden concert April 2–the James Murphy outfit’s final concert ever. Or so the publicity materials claim, noting that LCD Soundsystem will play all manner of deep cuts in a three-hour “extravaganza.” A publicist informs us “I don’t have any insight into his leaving other than him wanting to move on… not sure of his plans for the future.”

The strangest fact about the concert? “The members of LCD Soundsystem will be observing a black and white clothing only dress cord,” says the band’s release. “They respectfully request that the audience do the same.” Murphy is the consummate showman, and is ending his touring career on what will be sure to be a high note in sales and enthusiasm: while the White Stripes’ breakup, last week, was marked by a quiet dispersal, LCD’s exile from the stage (though Murphy may still release music) will look like a grand-scale funeral. :: @DPD_