Mike Bloomberg Does Not Have A Self-Esteem Problem

Mike Bloomberg was asked today what he thought about this week’s New Yorker cover, which showed the Mayor as his own Valentine date, gazing at himself in the mirror while he nibbled on chocolates.

Surely such a depiction would offend our cranky mayor, no?

“I thought it was great,”Bloomberg said. “The only ones [spokesman] Jason Post could come up with who also had their pictures on the cover were President Obama and the Pope, and if I am in that company, boy, I guess I should have a very big smile on my face. I thought it was cute looking in the mirror.”

The mayor then launched into Stuart Smalley mode.

“I like what I see in the mirror,” he said. “I hope everybody here does. I get up in the morning and I work as hard as I can and my kids have turned out great and I am a lucky enough guy to have made a lot of money and I am giving it all away and making a big difference.”




Mike Bloomberg Does Not Have A Self-Esteem Problem