Miss Cyrus Regrets: Miley Apologizes for Drugs, Then Plugs Her New Movies

Miley Cyrus has apologized for smoking salvia on tape–though perhaps for the tape more than for the salvia. “[F]or me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for,” she told Marie Claire, while on the set of her new film So Undercover. Cyrus’s previous film, the TMZ-leaked salvia video we’ll call Winter’s Bong, was named best of the year by the Observer, and was the latest in a series of awkward stabs at growing up for the teen star. 

It’s Cyrus’s pursuit of legitimate screen fame that motivates this interview more than any desire to confess. The interview takes place in New Orleans, where Cyrus is shooting her film about a teen private investigator (yep), and Cyrus gets a plug in for another upcoming film, LOL, saying, “It’s what I’m most proud of.” Cyrus has turned the last fumes of interest in her exploits into a marketing opportunity. She’s nowhere near as collected as, say, a Justin Bieber–while pieces on the younger pop star focus on his brilliant career management, Cyrus is compared, here, to “a truck-stop waitress.” What, exactly, Miley Cyrus stands for is up for grabs–she no longer stars on Hannah Montana, and indeed attempted to go “mature” on her slow-selling last album, Can’t Be Tamed–but, in shoehorning an apology into a coming attractions reel, Cyrus indicates just how much, for her, is at risk if LOL and So Undercover fail, and if a bad reputation sticks. One can have a bad reputation or be a financial risk, never both–and Cyrus is trying to solve both problems at once.

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