@MissLonelyhearts: Where To Find Good Advice Online

abby 300x293 @MissLonelyhearts: Where To Find Good Advice OnlineDo you have problems? The Internet is a good place to solve them, we swear.

Asking the Internet for advice is safer than talking to your gossipy friends. It’s faster than writing to print’s agony aunts, like Dear Abby or the Ethicist, and then waiting around and checking the paper every day to see if your answer is there. Actually, we can’t even believe anyone ever did that.

Throw a question out to Yahoo! Answers. Troubleshoot with Quora. Stalk your got-her-shit-together acquaintance’s Formspring. Or better yet, check in with one of these sages, doling out real talk online-only.

Reset the password for your secret e-mail address, pour your heart out, hit send.

Some things can’t be crowdsourced.

Click through for The 9 Best Advice Columns on the Internet.>>

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