Morning Read: Cuomo Prepares for "Sham" of Budget Negotiations

Cuomo’s budget is out today, and proposed cuts in everything from education to Medicaid to prison beds could cause New York to shed thousands of state jobs. A state official offered some details.

Cuomo also denounced the current budget process, in which automatic increases drive up costs, calling the arcane rules “almost a state secret” in an op-ed he distributed ahead of his official announcement.

While NY1 found that voters overwhelmingly believe in Cuomo, they do not share his support for the so-called “millionaire tax.”

Even Conservatives like Cuomo.

Senate Republicans voted to take away the lieutenant governor’s tie-breaking vote, getting support from the Independent Democratic Conference. Democrats pre-emptively petitioned Eric Schneiderman to intervene against a move they call unconstitutional, and Lt. Governor Duffy seems to agree.

The Obama administration downplayed the impact of a Florida judge’s ruling that parts of the health care bill are unconstitutional.

Two city councilman were among those arrested in a rally against school closures yesterday.

A grand jury met to investigate Dan Halloran’s claims of a sanitation worker slowdown.

In a reversal, George W. Bush’s daughter endorsed gay marriage.

The campaign to restore New York to the Democrats in 2012 has already begun.

In case you forgot, New York is out of money for dealing with snow, and a fresh dusting of debt will be falling from the sky today.

The Senate passed a property tax cap.

The Times calls it  “a ploy.”

Mayor Bloomberg backed off his threat to fire over 20,000 teachers if the Cuomo passes an austerity budget.

Teacher tenure is under attack.