Morning Read: The Year of the Anniversary

Mayor Bloomberg proposed sweeping new pension rules that would require most new municipal workers to work at least 10 years, or double the current amount, to qualify for a pension, and bar them from receiving pension checks until age 65.

Was Andrew Cuomo’s budget the first move of his 2016 presidential campaign?

The smoking ban was approved for parks and beaches.

What connects Horace Greeley, Gypsy Rose Lee, the city’s first black police officer, the Manhattan street grid, City Hall, the New York Public Library building on Fifth Avenue and the Triangle Shirtwaist fire? They all have anniversaries this year.

A secretive state agency, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, may undergo some reforms.

No corner of the state was spared Cuomo’s budget axe.

Bill Hammond praises the governor as the rare politician who keeps his word.

The Governor tucked the collection of cigarette taxes from Indians into his budget

An investigation of the Gowanus Canal has confirmed the severe extent of its contamination and the threat it poses to public health, particularly for people who eat fish from it or have repeated contact with its water or sediment.

Manhattan home prices are on the rise.

Bloomberg is exploring a collaboration with Facebook.

New York City is using data-mining to catch mortgage fraud.

Fewer civilian complaints were filed against city cops during the first half of 2010 than in any six-month period in the past five years, according to the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Education advocates are pleased Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget doesn’t include tuition hikes at SUNY, school leaders would have preferred he backed their five-year plan to increase tuition gradually and let SUNY keep the money.

The Walmart Free NYC rally and hearing is today.

Mayor Bloomberg seems unsure on how many teacher layoffs are coming.

Lawmakers are describing Cuomo’s Medicare reforms as an intrusion on their power.




Morning Read: The Year of the Anniversary