‘No Stupid Answers’ Q&A Site Answers.com Sells for $127 M.

There has been a surge in interest and activity around question-and-answer sites over the past six months, creating an opportunity for Answers.com to cash out with a private equity firm to the tune of $127 million

The answers on Answers.com range from accurate to the patently ridiculous, drawing in more than 47 million unique visitors a month. “We’re here to proudly proclaim that there is no such thing as a stupid answer,” says the Answers.com blog. “Or is that a stupid question?”

Quora, the cool kid in the space, recently saw a surge in mainstream attention thanks to tech blogger Robert Scoble. GigaOm puts Quora’s value at around $300 million based on investor interest. 

Meanwhile, New York’s Stack Overflow has been crushing it, more than doubling in size during 2010 from seven million users to more than sixteen million.

Like Quora and Stack Overflow, Answers.com relies on its community of registered users to assess and improve the quality of its answers, which it matches with content from sources like Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and the American Heritage Dictionary.

Here, in no particular order, are 13 of the questions and answers that earned Answers.com its nine-figure price tag

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‘No Stupid Answers’ Q&A Site Answers.com Sells for $127 M.