Piers Morgan–No Longer Just on TV Screens!–Joins VYou

Piers Morgan joined New York social-media startup VYou yesterday–the service allows users to communicate with friends, fans, and followers by recording short videos answering questions of varying degrees of pertinence. Piers’s default video, running on a loop, shows him sitting in front of a picture of Kim Kardashian, covering his mouth with a closed fist then straining to smile. Morgan hasn’t yet mastered VYou–he has 23 followers, and follows no one. (VYou investor Rex Sorgatz has 285 followers, and follows 328 people.) The site allows users to keep hidden questions they opt not to answer–perhaps ones about Larry King’s recent criticisms of Piers? The only question the host has chosen to answer thus far was “What did you think of the Arsenal win today?” He thinks it’s historic.

ddaddario@observer.com :: @DPD_