Pop Quiz: What Comedian Mastered Twitter?

108703616 Pop Quiz: What Comedian Mastered Twitter?Which celebrity reportedly had his motorcycle customized–with slave labor?

Who is “the most vile and inhuman person in the universe,” according to a Christian website?

What magazine claimed Sarah Palin wanted to deport Christina Aguilera?

Who’s coming to Broadway for eight nights?

What’s number-one on next week’s Billboard 100?

Which Vogue cover girl is forecast to get the 1,000th number-one ever next week?

Who isn’t leaving?

Who thinks Kyle MacLachlan is a better conversationalist fodder than Bill Clinton?

Which movie features Helen Mirren as a grown man’s nanny?

Which comedian, according to Fortune, has mastered multiplatform entertainment–even if he’s not top-rated?

Extra Credit: Is the Nikki Finke photo real? Use the space provided to explain your answer.

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