Post-Blog Gawker Goes Live, Denton Likes AOL-HuffPo Marriage

gawker 1 Post Blog Gawker Goes Live, Denton Likes AOL HuffPo MarriageThe Gawker redesign, horseman of the blogocolypse, went live today across Gawker Media properties. The redesign was previewed in a manifesto penned and published by boss Nick Denton and is still a “work in progress” according to a post by Gawker editor Remy Stern. As with Jalopnik and io9, where the changes were previously unveiled, visitors can always switch back to the familiar blog format, via a button in the top right. That probably won’t stop people from bitching in the comments, though!

Meanwhile, boss Nick Denton weighed in on AOL’s purchase of The Huffington Post on Twitter, in an amused, Montgomery Burns kind of way.

denton Post Blog Gawker Goes Live, Denton Likes AOL HuffPo Marriage :: @kstoeffel

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