Public Unions: What Shared Sacrifice?

Even before Andrew Cuomo finished speaking up in Albany today, the New York State Public Employees Federation was out a with a statement saying that they had been unfairly singled out by the governor for being the root of the state’s fiscal troubles.

“The State Executive Budget proposal would cripple public services without asking any sacrifice from businesses, corporations and the millionaires and billionaires responsible for the economic crisis,” says PEF head Kenneth Brynien in a statement. “Unfortunately when the governor says everyone must share in the pain, he means the workers who provide vital services and the state’s citizens who rely on them, rather than those responsible for the collapse of the state and national economy.”

Brynien notes that the budget calls for the reduction of the public sector workforce by 11,000 people through layoffs and attrition–after another 11,000 headcount reduction last year–while the wealthy New Yorkers get away without an extension of the millionaire’s tax.

“We will work with the governor to do our part to help during this fiscal crisis. We have solutions that will help close the budget gap without gutting state services,” he said. “We are willing to sacrifice, but we will not be sacrificed.”