Rangel: Republicans Want to Get Rid of Unions

charles rangel1 Rangel: Republicans Want to Get Rid of UnionsThe way Charlie Rangel interprets the events in Wisconsin, Republicans would like to get rid of unions altogether.

“There’s no question about it,” Rangel told Brother Bill from the Voice of Harlem. “This is not been the first time that we had heard that the Teabag Party–or the Tea Party–rather and some of the Republicans have wanted to drive the unions out of business.”

Without unions, Rangel went on to say, America’s middle class would not exist.

“At the end of the day, it’s abundantly clear that management does not want unions at all, and I don’t think they’ve made any bones about it,” he said. “I think it’s just as clear as you can see it.”

When asked if there was a comparison between the protests in Wisconsin and the protests in Libya, Rangel said he understood the frustration people experienced in both countries when they could not provide for their families. According to Rangel, protests occur because “people have to use whatever limited tools they have to express themselves.”

Listen to the full interview below:



  1. trlywade says:

    You know you see the democrats always using the line that “republicans favor the rich.” But that is not true fully….The dems also do the same thing with the unions. You think that the union bosses is your neighbor living the same life you are..no  they are very wealthy and depend very much on the union workers so called contributions…what are they really good for?

  2. Justice330 says:

    Think this guy should keep his mouth shut, how much did he owe in back taxes again??? Im not a puppet buddy I see BS when I a mile away. Oh how much is the union putting  in to back Obamas reelection for 2012?? This country is doomed if he gets back in, that will be the sign to pack my stuff and go to Europe.

  3. Arrow J Smith says:

    The Unions just spend 31.5 Million in Wisconsin and did not win that states Democratic seats. Many people who are in the Union will not get paid because the money is gone. The Union morons spend the money paid by Union workers and no can not pay the workers who are out of work. Way to go. Let us all have Unions to piss away our hard earned money. Unions are a thing of the past.  Unions are liars and corrupt. Always have been, always will be. Rid the country of the Lies and hate Unions bring.