Since When Can You Live ‘Too Close to the Office?’

Melissa Tabatabai and David Spevak have a big heart but a bad apartment. The dating couple adopted an abused dog when they moved in together two years ago, but they made an impulse move and their midtown home was drab and dirty, especially the backyard their boxer named Max regularly romped in. A move was in order and became the subject of this week’s Hunt column in The Times.

It seemed like the usual standard affair: couple with pet struggles to find pet-friendly home. Yet it turned into something entirely different along the way, presenting The Observer with a housing problem we never knew existed.

A place on East 21st Street, renting for $2,400, was well kept. But Mr. Spevak was ambivalent about the loft bedroom, which to him seemed dormlike. Furthermore, the building was too close to his office at a small publishing company. After taking Max for an hourlong morning walk, “I want to take my time going to get an iced coffee or a coffee or whatever” before work, Mr. Spevak said.

Maybe the Real Estate Desk is biased because we all live in the far reaches of Brooklyn (one of us so far down the N line you can sometimes hear the Atlantic churning upon exiting the train) and it takes us nearly an hour as a guest of the M.T.A. to get to work. Still, it sounds like the boyfriend, and not the dog, is in need of some serious house training.