‘SNL’ Ladies Follow Fey’s Lead to Bookstores

All that’s missing is a Maya Rudolph novel! The women of Saturday Night Live‘s early-2000s renaissance are following in Tina Fey’s footsteps by writing books. Rachel Dratch is putting together and has sold a memoir on “humorous reflections about what happens after the time on the show is over,” including motherhood–which sounds a bit like the Fey excerpt on motherhood and performing running in the current New Yorker. Further, Abrams Books for Young Readers announced today that it is publishing Molly Shannon’s first children’s book, Tilly the Trickster, “whose trickery will resonate with children, parents, and all fans of the actress,” reads Abrams’s release. All the old SNL gang have grown up and out of the comedy world and into writing for ar about kids–do we smell a trend piece?

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