Snooki Ignores Senator Schumer

Jersey Shore’s Snooki was standing in an airport doing her Snooki thing — which is to say, make kissy faces while adoring fans got their photo taken with her  — when who should walk by but Other Famous Person Chuck Schumer!

“There goes your senator from New York, there goes your senator from New York,” the cameraman eagerly told Snooki as Schumer, flanked by an aide, paused and waved. The cameraman encouraged Snooki to sidle up next to Schumer, because even though he’s probably heading to do boring stuff like make laws or something, what a great photo op!

But Snooki didn’t budge from where she was signing autographs, and Schumer moved on after waiting for a few seconds and then answering a question about the grave matter of the next Jersey Shore being filmed in Italy (“I’d rather they film it in New York.”)

When Snooki was told she had just missed a chance to meet Schumer, she replied “Oh, Really?” with about as much excitement as someone being told they’ve just missed a budget hearing on C-SPAN 2.

Take a look:

Snookie Ignores Her Senator Charles Schumer from PAPSFIRST on Vimeo.

Snooki Ignores Senator Schumer