So Just What Did Tweet During Halftime? promised to change our paradigms and reinvent how we saw music by Tweeting during the Super Bowl. Said the performer-cum-social media expert to USA Today,

“So when Fergie is doing her part, and (other group members and Taboo) [sic] are doing their part, wouldn’t it be awesome to send a tweet to all the people that are following … bring the people even closer to the stage.”

Well, did his 800,000-plus followers feel any closer? (And would they have wanted to?) Only if they wanted to know the status of wireless at Cowboys Stadium.

After the performance, wrote: “Att crashed…ahhhh!!!! The worse.” He added, “At&t??? Wow…no service during halftime…unbelievable.” (Perhaps he’s being paid by Verizon?) He then called the experience “freakin sick” and thanked well-wishers Perez Hilton and MC Hammer. We didn’t see trying to Tweet onscreen, but at least he says he tried. Christina Aguilera, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have an official Twitter account, and we’d actually like to know what was happening there. :: @DPD_

So Just What Did Tweet During Halftime?