Sorry, Rupert! Royals Insist That Will-Kate Wedding Stay 2-D

The royal family has refused to grant Rupert Murdoch the right to broadcast the upcoming royal wedding in 3-D, citing the distraction the new and imperfect technology would impose on the ceremony. The wedding is to take place in Westminster Abbey, a small space that could restrict the ability of 3-D broadcasting. The delightfully British demurral from Prince Charles’s press secretary reads: “I’m afraid I have to say that we have decided not to progress with 3D coverage of the service on this occasion.”

Murdoch’s Sky News has a 3-D channel, but coverage of the event will now be restricted to boring old HD. We’re disappointed–this could have been Rupert Murdoch’s own Avatar in the UK, and, stateside, a truly exciting spread in The Daily! We’ll put our 3-D glasses away. :: @DPD_