Swaddler of the Preppy Classes Picks Flagship

lacoste logo Swaddler of the Preppy Classes Picks Flagship608 Fifth Avenue

Popped colors and lavender pants are already the uniform of choice on upper Fifth Avenue. It seems only fitting that preppy designer Lacoste has chosen 608 Fifth Avenue for its national flagship.

The designer is adding 1,029 square feet to its nearly 9,000-square-foot, ground-floor store in prime territory between 48th and 49th streets, where asking rents average amongst the city’s highest at $1,650 a foot annually. “[We] are excited that Lacoste is renovating and re-opening with their brand-new, re-designed U.S. flagship store,” said Oliver Katcher, of landlord RFR Realty, in a statement. “It’s one of the best corner retail locations in midtown.”

Construction is scheduled to commence in February and the store will re-open for the summer, when we suspect most of its local clientele will have begun the annual Hamptons retreat, with plenty of slick European tourists to take their place.


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