Tara Reid to Reprise ‘Lebowski’ Role, in Her Mind

Let’s set the scene: You’re Tara Reid. No, no–don’t fight it. You’re Tara Reid, and all that goes with it. Your last movie was direct-to-DVD and called either Clean Break or Unnatural Causes. A paparazzo asks you (how rare for them to ask about your career!) what you’re working on. Why not say The Big Lebowski 2? Why not American Pie 4, too, while you’re at it! No one needs to know that these projects aren’t real–the next time you see the nice photographer, you can just tell her the financing fell through, you can make something like that up on the spot. But maybe, by saying it, these projects could happen. 2011 could see a Reidaissance!

Sadly, Tara Reid was misinformed, or responding to the question “What do you hope would happen this year?” when she told Hollywood.TV about these upcoming projects. The circumspect Ethan Coen told Austin360, “I’m glad she’s working on it. […] We’ll watch it when it comes out.” Joel added, “Especially if Tara’s in it.” She later told Entertainment Weekly, through a representative, that she had heard Jeff Bridges mention he’d like to make a sequel–which itself, if it ever happened, was probably one of those interviewer-prompted replies like Rachel McAdams’s “Sure, I’d like a Mean Girls musical starring Miley Cyrus. Why not?”

We feel for Tara. No chance, now, for her to work with the Coens on their purported next film, Gambit (who needs rumored lead Cameron Diaz?). And we feel bad, too, for Jason Biggs. No one even bothered to ask him if the American Pie sequel was happening! (It might actually be! But minus Reid, it seems.) It’d probably be pretty easy to get the original cast together! Time giveth, and time taketh away: there’s probably a Lebowski quote we could use here, but we haven’t seen it in years.

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