The 25 Year Old Who Saved Cinema

Megan Ellison is 25. She is the daughter of the founder of Oracle. And she has a lot of new fans, as the woman who seems likely to finance the next two Paul Thomas Anderson movies. Vulture reports that Ellison is set to produce the tentatively titled “Scientology drama” The Master (which had its plug pulled last year by Universal) and the Pynchon adaptation Inherent Vice. Ellison’s Skydance, which also co-financed True Grit, has been helped, the Los Angeles Times reported last year, by dad Larry Ellison’s pocketbook: Megan’s brother’s duties at Skydance include producing big-budget tentpoles like Mission: Impossible 4, through equity funds provided in some part by Dad. No matter–as long as we get to see a new Anderson movie this decade, we’re willing to overlook nepotism, just this once! :: @DPD_