The Late LimeWire Liquidates Its Luscious Office Trappings via Tumblr

limeoffice The Late LimeWire Liquidates Its Luscious Office Trappings via TumblrNew York’s LimeWire was housed in a gorgeous Soho office at the time the company gave up the ghost in December after too many run-ins with music labels and the law.

The former LimeWire space was sunny with dark wood floors, and whoever decorated it had excellent taste in furniture. Lucky for any New Yorkers or New York startups who are in the market for tables and chairs, pieces of the decor are being sold on the internet.

LimeWire is selling its brown velvet Clinton sofas, a leather Abbott sofa, vintage metal carts and vintage wooden desks, green scooped Eames chairs that look like half limes, and other fixings via a Tumblr called SoHo For Sale, discovered this morning by Peter Kafka:

“We’re the former occupants of a beautifully decorated SoHo cast iron, and we had great taste in furniture,” is the way the site described itself as of last Friday.

That language disappeared from the site after Mr. Kafka started sniffing around, but the office pictured on SoHo For Sale is clearly LimeWire’s. “Everything must go,” the Tumblr says.

Check out 13 pieces from LimeWire’s too-hip-to-be-believed furniture collection.

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  2. When can I pass my resume? :)

    Love to work in this kind of office and surely you feel the same way. 

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