Thwapr Lets Users Share 30 Minutes of Video

New York-based video startup Thwapr, which made a small splash by providing streaming clips of Angelina Jolie to users’ smartphones, is debuting a new service that allows users to upload and share a full 30 minutes of video. It’s the first consumer-facing product from Thwapr, which typically targets brands like Ms. Jolie or the Miami Dolphins as clients.

“We don’t want to limit users to 10 seconds like Path does — or as did for their Twitter video concept,” Thwapr chief technology officer Eric Hoffert told Mashable. “It should be more natural to share video. We do have limits like any product, but we plan to keep pushing the boundaries.”

Now that the 30-minute barrier has been broken, it’s up to some other company to enable customers to upload and share feature-length presentations of their kids’ birthday parties or piano recitals.

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