Tina Fey to Embark on Book Tour

108836871 Tina Fey to Embark on Book TourTina Fey’s Bossypants, due out in April from Little, Brown’s Reagan Arthur, may be one of several TV-star books hitting the market, but it’s getting a particularly big push. Today’s anniversary issue of The New Yorker features an excerpt from the newly minted essayist (subscription only) on the demands of motherhood and TV writing. It’s highly personal and an easy introduction to Tina Fey-as-writer.

Those fans who simply can’t comprehend Fey as anything but a figure on the TV screen can see the writer on her upcoming book tour. Sources at Little, Brown have confirmed to the Observer that Fey is speaking in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Los Angeles, and San Francisco during the month of April; her New York stop is scheduled for April 8 at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. She’s checking all the right boxes for a second career in publishing: the buzzed-about excerpt, a tour during the shooting hiatus of 30 Rock (a show about which Fey’s feelings are mixed, she writes). Has Fey found her place–not as the next Lucille Ball, but the next Nora Ephron?

Her full tour schedule:

April 8: New York, Union Square Barnes & Noble

April 12: Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia

April 14: Washington, Sixth and I Historic Synagogue

April 19: Los Angeles, L.A. Live

April 20: San Francisco, City Arts & Lectures

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  1. CMWangs2005 says:

    oubt this message will get to anyone important,but I will attempt using every means available to try to get this Att: Tina Fey.
    I am a Gay Man in Fl.Your scum bag friend Tracy Morgan will be appearing locally this week. I am sincerely disappointed though not surprised that he will have another chance to urge the murder of Gay people and chuckle into his sleeve if called on it.
    If he had promoted the idea of anal rape to cure uppity women I KNOW you would not retain him on your show, but then again violence against women affects you while Gay slaughter doesn’t.
    Your efforts to get his ass out of trouble with no real consequence shows where your true politics lie.
    Im will never support 30 rock ,Tracy or you as it’s producer and will do all I can to boycott you.
    Remember ,all it takes for Evil to succeed is for good men (and women) to do nothing.