‘Vogue’ App Sticks to the Cover

Vogue‘s new iPad app, “Vogue Cover Exclusive,” focuses on the one part of the issue people pay attention to: the cover. Launching with this month’s Lady Gaga cover, the app–which will not appear monthly, but only if the cover model and the $.99 app are a good fit–features further interviews with and content regarding the cover model (referred to in Vogue‘s release as “cover talent” as it’s unlikely to be an actual model).

The app seems likely to recur as long as the magazine continues putting media-savvy, and young, talent on the cover (the inside of the book obviously remains unaffected and unremarked-upon by the app). Next month’s rumored cover girl Rihanna–who’s so social-media savvy that she leaked news of her cover on Twitter--seems more likely to draw in $.99 from tech-savvy youth than, say, Marion Cotillard. A Vogue representative told the Observer, though, that “while the Vogue Cover Exclusive app is made for the ‘Twitter generation,’ the decision of who appears on the print cover will continue to be made as it always has been.”

ddaddario@observer.com :: @DPD_