Watch: ’60 Minutes’ Gets the Gaga Talking Points

Last night’s Grammys–which the Observer liveblogged!–were dominated by Nashville (Lady Antebellum) and, surprisingly, Montreal (the Arcade Fire), but the pre-show was all Manhattan, as Anderson Cooper interviewed Lady Gaga for 60 Minutes. The interview covered very familiar ground: Gaga wore raw meat! She loves fame, and pursues it assiduously! She likes to be called “Gaga”! (Well, right.) And even the revealing moment where Gaga drops by her old apartment was ganked from a Madonna TV special in the 1990s.

60 Minutes sought to explain Gaga, pre-Grammys, to an older generation with the interview, a mission that was only mildly successful: depending on how much you know of her by now, the Lady’s routine of sub-Warholian insight and scanty clothes was either a retread or tremendously off-putting. On 60 Minutes‘s website, producer John Hamlin says Gaga’s appearance was “not a no-brainer” for the producers–it seemed almost as though they weren’t sure how to handle the star. While she gave generously of her time, as Hamlin indicates, that time was not marked by any opening-up: she shows Anderson Cooper her favorite taco place, for instance. (Is this mock-revelation what we can expect from Anderson’s new syndicated chat show?) Unlike stars who bubble over with emotion they simply must share, Gaga played the CBS cameras beautifully, revealing nothing besides her desire for more fame, while having a venue to get just that (the interview cut away to past live performances, keeping the spotlight off whoever the “real” Gaga may be). Eventually, this may get boring–as we enter our third Gaga-album promo cycle, will she get many more TV invites without a new topic besides her own celebrity? :: @DPD_