Watch: A Day Early, Radiohead Album is Here

Radiohead’s digital release of new album The King of Limbs was bumped up by a day, thanks, apparently, to a good tech team and an eager band. “With everything ready on their website, the band decided to bring forward the release,” said the band’s press release. The Observer hasn’t paid for a copy yet (unlike their last such release, In Rainbows, prices for The King of Limbs are fixed–at $9 for MP3 files. The so-called “newspaper album,” containing tiny artworks and vinyl records, has yet to ship). But the music video the band made available, for the song “Lotus Flower,” sounds a bit like the chilly electronics of Thom Yorke’s solo record The Eraser.

The internet will light up with criticism later today, anyway, so we’re not going to add to the noise, but to say that the video (embedded below), with Thom Yorke dancing in a top hat, seems to owe a heavy debt to Britney Spears’s “Circus.” Inspiration comes in funny places! :: @DPD_