What Is The Frid.ge?

New York startup The Fridge, a social network that keeps online activity in discrete categories that are impenetrable to outsiders, has been working hard over at Dogpatch Labs.

The startup that came home after a session at Y Combinator has been rolling out new features at a fast clip.

Each group you create on The Fridge now has a dedicated email address that lets members post directly and reply to messages. Plus, users can now create a passcode for each group and invite only chosen friends to view just messages or just photos using the group’s secret URL. The Fridge is similar to Facebook or Twitter, but more in line with privacy-centric services like the much-hyped app Path, which lets you share photos with only up to 50 people.

The company also added Gmail integration so new users can invite friends from their Gmail contacts.

Today the company posted a video that breaks down the service’s mission. Summary: Party online with your friends and put keg photos in one Fridge, be corny with your family in another Fridge, and never the twain shall meet. Video below.

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What Is The Frid.ge?