Which New York Pol is Matt Damon Trying to Be? [Watch]

The more this trailer–for the forthcoming The Adjustment Bureau, marching forth on March 4–airs, the more we wonder just how realistic it aims to be. The plot, about shadowy figures attempting to maintain control over one man’s perceptions of the world, is taken from a Philip K. Dick short story. The specific provenance of Matt Damon’s character, though–he’s a young, ambitious Fordham grad running for New York Senate–are new to the film.

Damon’s character is an ambitious New York congressman–so, Anthony Weiner?–but also a former basketball star–so, a Manhattan Bill Bradley?–who falls for a beautiful woman and may allow her to derail his future on the national scene–so, Eliot Spitzer? More than anything, though, the shined-and-polished Damon, who doesn’t express any political viewpoint in the trailer but flirts blondely, reminds us of a certain New York politician put into place by the collusion of incomprehensible forces. Could this be Kirsten Gillibrand’s Primary Colors moment? (No.)

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