You Must Remember This: Nicole Kidman Knows the Words

109077215 You Must Remember This: Nicole Kidman Knows the WordsA number of interesting things happened today. But the devil’s in the details. Let’s see if you were paying attention!

Which 1990s TV star is going to come back with a reality show about her macadamia nut farm?

What is Nicole Kidman’s favorite pop song?

Who should newly minted Best New Artist Esperanza Spalding fear?

How many “pieces of artwork” come in Radiohead’s “newspaper album,” and how would one describe their size?

Who’d actually be willing to claim responsibility for the look of Rihanna’s new video?

What optimistic adjective would Columbia Pictures use to describe their new Spider-Man film?

Whose entourage likes to stand around in a “human chain”? (Hint: this person is not Yolanda Adams.) :: @DPD_

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